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Driven Duck

Northern Ireland

The mallard shooting comprises of 8 areas of water which vary from ponds to small lakes and is set in approximately 1100 acres. The ducks are driven from heights and the emphasis is on quality and not quantity. There are no ducks circling around ponds and the majority of the birds pass over the guns once, as in pheasant and partridge shooting. A day can be taken using the 12 named drives which allows for the back to back days.

Accomodation and all necessary licences can be arranged. This is a high quality, good value shoot which includes mid day refreshments and full meal at conclusion of shooting. Days can be tailored for individual or parties of guns. A dvd of a typical days shooting taken in November 2010 is available free of charge to any interested parties if you contact us. 

Days from £22.00/bird with bags upto 300 standing 8 guns.

Duck Flighting 


Dates available throughout October, November and December with bags between 50 and 120. Teams of 5 - 10 guns can be catered for at the price of £22.00/ bird. Please contact us with your desired dates and bag size.

Dates Available

  • 23rd September 2017
  • 30th September 2017
  • 11th October 2017 

Bag of 100 to 200 standing upto 10 guns 

Scotland -Aberdeenshire

Dates available throughout the season, teams of between 4 and 8 can be catered for at £75.00/gun with all kit provided.

Pigeon Shooting 


Dates available throughout the year in central England, set price packages available.

Do it yourself           - bring your own kit and shown where to go                       - £75.00/person

Roll up and shoot     - hide and decoys set up prior to your arrival                       - £100.00/person

Fully guided    - shooting with a guide by your side helping you through the day - £200.00/person

Overseas Clients - inclusive of permits, decoys, hide, picnic, drinks and trasports hotel to field all for £200.00/person. This can be booked for the following months February, March, April, May, July, August, September and early October. 

Closest airports are Birmingham and East Midlands, hotels can also be arranged.

Please contact us with your desired dates/ availability and we will endeavour to get you booked in.

Scotland -Aberdeenshire

Dates available throughout the season, teams of between 4 and 8 can be catered for at £100.00/gun with all kit provided.

Goose Flighting


Dates available throughout the season, teams of between 4 and 8 can be catered for at £100.00/gun. 

Special Packages

Game Shooting and Fishing Package

Combined game shooting for partridge, pheasant & duck, and Salmon fishing week; One day driven shooting, 3 days salmon & sea trout fishing. One days still water trout fishing. Includes country house accommodation, breakfast, evening meals and packed lunches.

From £2,500 per person - (excludes beaters tips - price can vary depending on number of birds shot) alternative levels of accommodation can be arranged down to self-catering and up to luxury hotel.

Want to test your skills on both game shooting and fly fishing in the same day?

We are pleased to offer the fun and relaxed 'McDougal' in the Home Counties. To achieve a McDougal one has to bag a cock pheasant in the morning, tie a pheasant tailed nymph fly (with instruction!) over lunch from the tail feathers and then catch a trout (rainbow or brown) on your fly in the afternoon. Each participant who completes the challenge will receive a bottle of champagne and momento of the day.

Cost £220 per person (plus VAT), parties to consist of 5 or 6 people (smaller parties maybe paired).

Current dates available:

   29th October 2016

   5th November 2016

   12th November 2016

   19th November 2016

   26th November 2016

   3rd December 2016

   10th December 2016 

   17th December 2016

Please contact us for all your game bird requirements and we will be more than happy to try meet your expectations as best we can. We have various additional opportunities to the list above. Please do contact us for the most recent game shooting availability.

We can provide you with cartridges for your day's sport and even arrange loaders and instructors to assist the less experienced sportsmen and women.

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